Using Doggy Logs

   What is Doggy Logs?

Doggy Logs is a smart phone app designed to enable GPS tracking for professional dog walkers and pet sitters. The app provides a simple and easy way to track dog walks and house visits, add notes, checklists and photos, and automatically email or text the information to the pet owners afterwards.

   How does Doggy Logs work?

Check out our Guide for Walkers for more info on using the app.

Check out our Guide for Managers for help setting up your business.

Doggy Logs uses the GPS built in to your smart phone to track the location and distance of your walks. You can also use it to check-in to a house where you are doing other pet visits like cat sitting. You can add pets to your account, including their owner’s email address, directly in the app or from the website. When you are ready, select the pets that will be joining you from your list on the Pets page in the app. When finished, an email or text will automatically be sent to the pet owner. The email contains a summary of the walk or visit, including start time, distance and duration, as well as a map and any notes, checklist items or photos that were added.

   What happens if I need help? Do you offer support?

We're here to help you! We offer unlimited support, if you have any questions you can contact us by email at

   What charities does Doggy Logs support?

We give 1% of revenue to charities helping animals each year. We choose charities that are well managed and seek to improve the lives of animals in various ways. Some we have supported include the BC SPCA and World Animal Protection.

   How do I make changes to my account?

Log in to the website with your user name and password to add pets and walkers to your business. You can also make other changes to your account under Settings.

   How do I CC other people on walk emails?

To CC another email address on every walk, go to Settings and change your preferences under Walk Emails. You can CC or BCC the walker, or any other email address on every walk.

To CC another email address for one specific pet only, go to Pets and then select and edit the dog you want to add an extra email for.

   How do I add multiple dogs to the system at once?

You can add multiple dogs at once by uploading a .CSV file on the Pets page. There is a template available for download, or you can upload your own file as long as it is in the same format as the template. The pets’s name, owner’s first and last name, and owner’s email address are required fields. Make sure you save it as a .CSV file.

   How do I delete a pet from my account?

You can only delete pets from your account on the website. Go to Pets, and then select and delete the pet you want to remove from the system.

   I want to have different pick-up and drop-off times for the dogs I walk, is this possible?

Yes! Each dog's walk time will be tracked individually.

Add dogs to the walk when they are picked up to begin their walk and start their individual timer.

When you are ready to drop a dog off, remove them from the list, and the app will confirm that you want to end the walk for that dog. To end the walk for all dogs at once, simply end the walk as usual from the map screen. Even if a dog has already been dropped off, their walk notifications (email and text messages) will only be sent once the entire walk has ended.

   Can I send notifications by text message?

Yes, when you edit a pet, just fill in a phone number in the "Text Message Phone Number" field. Be sure to start with the country code. Your client will automatically be sent a text message when the walk or visit ends. The text message will come from the phone number: 1-778-654-5703 (+17786545703).

   The app doesn't seem to track my route, what's wrong?

If the app isn't tracking your route properly, there's a few things to check:

  • Make sure that you have Check-In Mode turned off. Check-In mode will only capture one GPS point, as it is intended for house visits.
  • Make sure GPS is enabled for the Doggy Logs app. Note that Battery Saver mode will disable GPS.
  • Make sure you are using it outside. GPS tracking doesn't work very well indoors.
  • In some cases, the GPS chip on the phone may be functioning poorly. You can test your phone's GPS with the following free apps: GPS Status (iPhone) or GPS Test (Android). A good GPS signal should have an accuracy of 30 meters or less.

If you're using an Android phone and still having trouble, it's possible that aggressive battery saving settings could be killing the app in the background. Check out for information on how to configure your brand of Android phone to not kill apps in the background.

   What happens if I reach my SMS limit?

If you send more text messages than your plan provides, the SMS messages will stop being sent, and the business owner will be notified by email. You will also receive an email reminder when you are running low.

You can always send walk and visit notifications by email. Additional SMS credits may be purchased if you wish to send mores message than your plan provides.


   Is Doggy Logs free?

The Doggy Logs app is always a free download from the App Store. You can use it with up to two dogs for free. If you want to walk more than two dogs, you will need to choose a payment plan. The payment plans are priced in different tiers based on how many dogs you walk.

Visit our payment plans to see the cost of a subscription.

   How do I pay? Does my subscription renew automatically?

There are two ways to pay for Doggy Logs:

You can subscribe for a payment plan on the website. Web payments will renew automatically each month and you will pre-pay for the upcoming month of service. You will be emailed a receipt every time a payment is made. All web payments are priced in US dollars.

If you are using an iPhone, you can also subscribe for a payment plan using In-App Purchase on the Settings screen of the app. In-App Purchase will not renew automatically, and instead you pay for credit in one-month increments through your iTunes account. Five days before the pre-paid period expires you will be reminded daily to renew your credit for the next month. In-App Purchase credit is in the currency of your iTunes account.

   What if I change plans mid-way through a pre-paid month?

If you change your payment plan on the website:

  • Upgrades will happen immediately, and you will be billed the pro-rated difference between the plans.
  • Downgrades will not take effect until the end of the current billing cycle.

If you change your payment plan using Apple In-App Purchase, you will be billed for the new plan immediately, and your plan expiry date will be extended by one month.

   How do I cancel my subscription?

If you are using web payments, switch to the free Chihuahua plan on the payment plans page.

If you are using In-App Purchase, then you can simply let your credit expire. You will be automatically switched to the free Chihuahua plan when it does.

   What is your refund policy?

Doggy Logs subscriptions are non-refundable. We encourage you to try the app using the free Chihuahua plan to make sure it fits your needs before subscribing for a payment plan.

   I employ other dog walkers, do they need to pay for the app too?

No. Only the business owner needs to pay for the app. A business can have unlimited dog walkers, and all dog walkers will be able to walk any dog for that business. When a dog walker (other than the business owner) uses the app or logs in to the website, they will not see any payment plan information.

   I have multiple locations, how does that work?

You can choose to set them up as separate businesses or as one big one, depending on how you want to manage your customers.

   Can I still use the app after my In-App Purchase pre-paid period has expired?

Yes, you can continue to use the app but you will automatically go back to the free tier. The app will only allow you to walk two of your dogs, but you can still manage your pack's information on the website. Once you subscribe for a payment plan, your dogs will be available for walking again.

   Can I buy more than 1 month of credit at a time using In-App Purchases?

Yes. You can pre-pay for as many months as you like using In-App Purchase. Each time you buy credit it will extend your expiration date.