This guide provides an overview of how to use the website to manage your account. Login to the website using the same Email and Password that you use with the App.

For tips on how to use the Doggy Logs App, check out our Guide for Walkers.

Adding Pets  

Use the “Pets” page to add pets and edit or delete existing ones.

To upload multiple pets at once, click the “Upload Pets” button, which allows you to import a list of pets from a .CSV file.

Download the template, or use your own file but make sure the columns match those used in the template.

SMS / Text Messages

Set up SMS / text message notifications for walks and house visits through the “Pets” page, by selecting the name of the pet and editing the information in the “Notifications” section.

You can add multiple phone numbers, separated by a comma. Include the country code.

If you do not want the owner to receive an email, leave the Owner's Email field blank.

SMS Limits

Each plan comes with a limit on the number of SMS / text messages that can be sent for each billing period. You will be notified by email as you approach your limit.

Once the limit has been reached, no further SMS will be sent unless you purchase SMS credits, or until the next billing cycle rolls over.

You can view your past SMS usage and purchase SMS credits here:


Personalize your walk and visit notifications by going to “Settings”, then “Branding”.

You can add your logo and website, which will be included in the notification emails and on the text message link. Your website is reached when someone clicks on your logo.

Emails will appear from the “From Name”.

Replies will be sent to the “Reply-to Address”.

The “Signature” will appear at the bottom of every email.

Watermark Photos  

You can watermark your photos with your logo, the date & time the photo was taken, and the approximate address of where it was taken.

You can add one or more of these items to every photo by going to “Settings” then “Branding”.

Notification Settings

To manage your notifications, go to “Settings” and select “Notifications".

By default, Start of Walk Notifications will be turned on to allow your clients to track your walks and visits in real-time. You can turn these off here.

You can also choose to have the walker or anyone else CC'd or BCC'd on all emails, and decide if you want your clients to see who else was joining their pet on a pack walk.

You can also optionally override the standard walk or visit greeting with a customized greeting. For example, if you run a doggy daycare, you may want it to reference “Daily Report” instead of walk or visit.

Adding Walkers

Use the “Walkers” page to add, edit and delete walkers for your business.

To upload multiple walkers at once, click the “Upload Walkers” button, which allows you to import a list of walkers from a .CSV file.

Download the template, or use your own file but make sure the columns match those used in the template.

The walker will receive an email with their username and password and links to download the app, and a link to our Guide for Walkers.


Packs are groups of walkers and pets, and can be used to filter which pets your walkers can work with.

Use the “Packs” page to assign walkers and pets to packs.

Walkers will only be able to see those pets that are in their pack in the app.


Checklists can help remind you of tasks that need to be done when on a walk or house visit.

To create a checklist that applies to every pet, visit our Checklist page. To create a checklist for an individual pet, go to the Pets page.

Only the Doggy Logs account manager can create and edit checklists, which will appear in the app when you select the Checklist button.

Disabling Video  

By default, all users can take videos in the Doggy Logs app. If you don't want to use videos for your business, you can disable it under “Settings” and then “Business”.

If you only want a certain walker to not use videos, you can disable it for individuals by selecting that walker from the walkers list.

Checking and Re-Sending Notifications

Worried an email or text wasn't sent?

Click on the link for the walk or house visit in question from the “Walks” page to see the status of notifications.

If the status is Dropped or Bounce, then there may be a typo in the email address, or it may have been blocked by the recipient's spam filter.

If you want to send them again, press the button “Re-Send Notifications”.

Changing Payment Plans  

To change your Payment Plan, go to “Settings” and select “Change Plan".

Pay annually to get 2 months free.

If you change plans mid-way through your current billing cycle, your next bill will be adjusted proportionally.

You can cancel your subscription at any time and you'll be switched to the free Chihuahua plan once your current billing cycle is complete.

Check out our Payments FAQ for more information.

Billing History  

If you are subscribed to a payment plan, you can view your billing history, download invoices, and manage your payment methods by going to “Settings” and then “Billing”.