Basic Walk

Press the Pets button to select the lucky pets who will be joining you on your walk.

Pet owners may optionally be notified at the start of a walk by email or text with a link to follow along in real-time.

Use the buttons along the bottom to:

Poo  Mark their business
Poo  Snap some photos or take videos
Poo  Complete your checklist (added on the website)
Poo  Add notes during or after the walk

Press the stop button to end the walk, and another email or text will be sent to the owners with a map of your route and all the extra details you added!

  House Visits

Not walking? Do a house visit to limit GPS use and show that you arrived at the pet's home.

Go to Settings in the top right corner and change House Visit to On.

  Adding Pets

Want to add a new pet? Press the Pets button, then New Pet in the top right corner.

Add the pet and owner info, and that pet will be available for walks or house visits from your list of pets.

Press the camera icon to add a profile pic.

Don't see New Pet in the corner? You may not have permission to add pets for your business.

Group Walk

Track multiple pets, and each owner will get a customized notification.

Start a basic walk or visit, and select pets to add them. Press the pin at the top of the list to stay on the pets page when adding multiple pets.

The pet screen will track the time for each pet.

Tag pets in: + + +

Mark off the checklist items for each pet

The owners will only see what their pets were tagged in and the map will show only their pet's route.

Removing a pet from the list will end that pet's walk. Pressing the stop button will end the walk for all remaining pets.


To review the walk or visit in progress, select the Timeline icon in the top left corner.

From here you can delete the entire walk (helpful in case you started with the wrong pet).

You can also delete individual items from this view as well as edit your notes or who was tagged in each activity.

Pick-Up and Drop-Off Notifications

You can send Pick-Up and Drop-Off notifications to let pet owners know when their pet has been picked up or dropped off. They will receive these notifications by text or email.

To turn on these extra prompts, go to Settings and set Pick-Ups / Drop-Offs to on.

Tips for Great Walks and Visits!

Always take at least one photo!

Who could possibly get sick of seeing pics of their adorable pet?

Leave a note

It is always bound to bring a smile!